Smart Notes 3 – FAQ

If the iCloud sync gets “stuck” the best advice is to reset the app on each device:

1. Create a backup file with Smart Notes 3 for Mac application (File -> Export XML)

2. Delete all notes from all applications

3. Remove Applications from all your devices (iPhone/iPad/Mac)

4.Remove Application cache data from your Mac what is stored in a single folder (~/Library/Containers/com.smartapps.smartnotes3.mac)

5. Remove iCloud data from storage and backup (On your Mac open Settings->iCloud->Manage->Smart Notes 3->Documents & Data->Delete All->Delete)

6.Please allow 10-15 minutes for your devices to catch all updates from the iCloud

7. Install apps on all your devices.

8. Restore Notes from your backup file with Smart Notes 3 for Mac application.

9. Launch all your apps and in a short time you should see how the apps are downloading your notes from the iCloud

This is the procedure that wipes all settings and data from all your devices and from the iCloud for Smart Notes 3 application.